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Serial production of puzzlePuzzle
from the Foto
for the museums
Registered worksPacking from the cardboard and paperPOS materialsProducts for the design-studios by (to)
You may buy the production which had been manufactured for the museums. At the site was introduced some examples of the ordered products, which characterizes the range of the availabilities of the enterprise.
The museums of Russia
Museum-reserve "Moscow Kremlin"

Russin Museums
A.A.Bahrushins Theatre museum

Russin Museums
Museum-panorama "Borodinos battle"

Russin Museums
Ryasan Museum-reserve

Russin Museums
Museum cosmonautics

Russin Museums
State Darvins Museum

Russin Museums
Museum fine arts

Russin Museums
Polytechnical museum

Russin Museums
State Museum "Tsaritsyno"

Russin Museums
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