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Moscow puzzle it is a variety of the formats and plots (more then 400) jigsaw puzzles, with the number of elements from 6 to 700, more then 30 sorts of the developing games.
Orders for the serial products accepted at tel.(095) 287-31-82
Serial production of puzzle
The leaf (foliate) puzzles - were firstly made in 1992. The 40 plots of three dimensions. There are some different sorts of puzzle in each dimension, distinguishing with the articul f2- dimension 220 x 300 mm, the number of pieces 20 or 70. The lea (foliate) puzzle produced in two modifications: with the contour (profile) frame which glued to the base (substrate, core) of the puzzle and without the profile frame, packed into the film at the base (substrate, core). Puzzle
Developing games - designed for the children aged from 3 years old. Its using is available as for individual studies so for the studies in a group (kindergarden, primary school). All the games are made on the base of the puzzle-locks. Learning games
Puzzles in boxes - Puzzle in boxes are manufactured since 1995. The theme : fairy tales, cartoons, technology, animals, the paintings of the famous artists etc. The number of pieces from 54 to 700, formats from 13 x 19 sm to 41 x 57sm. Puzzle in box
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