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Registered worksPacking from the cardboard and paperPOS materialsProducts for the design-studios by (to)
The manufacture of the package from the poligraphic (chromerzac), combing, binding cardboard and microgofrocardboard. Colorful print. Trimming of the production: UF varnish (laquer), film pressing, foil stamping, setting of the necessary accessories (fittings). Difficult contour cutover of the binding cardboard thickness up to 5 mm.
Packing from the cardboard and paper
Standard production - The package from chromerzac complete from 250 to 400 gr. Per m2 and combing microgoffrocardboard thickness from 1.5 up to 2.5mm. Standard products
VIP package - The package for the old paintings, antique article from bronze and stone. Package for VIP souvenirs from combing, binding cardboard with the setting of the foreign accessories (the locks, rivets, loops etc.). Treatment (cultivation) of the construction and design of the package. VIP-wrapping
New Year production - Colorful New Year (Christmas) package from cromerzac and combing microgoffrocardboard. New Year accessories: masks, clown*s cowls, crowns etc. Treatment (cultivation) of the construction and design of the articles. Christmas package
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